Bespoke handmade reclaimed

Thanks for looking at our Handmade Rustic Shelves by Scaffold Boards – brackets included We aim to deliver UK made product right to you doors. So source components in UK, buy wood in UK and manufacture in UK First of all every single piece of shelf is handmade in our workshop in Harlow Essex Thanks to our local wood supplier we can get high quality, dry, solid wood to make sure your shelf will last forever With basic tools and quality finish waxes we providing you with unique, beautiful piece of shelf Please browse all options available as we offer lengths from 40cm up to 200cm, also 5 types of high quality waxes providing with great look and securing wood We are making each individual shelf once you complete purchase but you can still expect it to be delivered within 2 working days PRODUCT DETAILS: Depth: 22.5cm / 225mm Hight: 3.5cm / 35mm Length: 40cm – 200cm / 400mm – 2000mm Material: scaffold board Finishes: 5 colours available Fixings: Handmade rustic wall brackets Please note colours on pictures are for guidance only. They vary from board to board and we can not accept any complaints related to darkness of colour. Those shelves are not premade – they are made for you after you placed an order and they NON returnable Fitting: best for solid walls If you need any specific length not listed please do not hesitate to contact ourselves